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What Does A Soft Cervix Mean? Changes In Cervix In Late Pregnancy

The cervix is a small part of uterus which opens into the vagina. It plays a critical role during pregnancy and labor. During pregnancy it remains closed to prevent the fetal prolapse into the vagina. At the time of labor cervix dilates and facilitates the fetus to come out through vagina.

As the period of labor approaches nearer, the cervix softens. In fact it is the sign of reassurance for the pregnant woman that her body is preparing for delivery. However, a soft cervix does not always indicate that the labor will soon begin.

Sometimes the cervix may remain soft for weeks before actual delivery. And in some woman the fetus may be delivered soon after, within hours of cervical softening and dilatation.

Normally the cervix is hard, thick and closed in a non pregnant woman. Aside from pregnancy, the cervix may also become soft during menstruation. This is because during this period, the cervix has rich supply of blood which makes it soft than usual.

Changes In Cervix During Ovulation

The cervix can remain soft before a period. Before the menses the position of cervix changes a little bit. It is on the lower side. Before menses the cervix remains firm and hard. There is a tiny opening which allows the menstrual blood to flow out. However, as the ovulation period approaches, the cervical position may change.

It is little higher than usual and becomes soft and wet. The cervical mouth is slightly opened in anticipation of fertilization to take place. But once the ovulation is over, the cervix again repositions itself low. It becomes firm. If you are experiencing your cervix to be soft before menses, there is possibility of pregnancy.

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Soft Cervix During Late Pregnancy

Even though the cervix remains soft from the beginning of pregnancy until the time of labor, it is closed. This is body’s way of protecting the womb from infectious agents which may enter through the opening. The opening is called cervical os. The closed cervical os also prevents the fetus from falling down in the vagina. A mucus plug at the entrance prevents the microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses from entering into the vagina.

If you feel the cervical os is slightly open, you have to consult your gynecologist. It can be a sign that the uterus is ready to deliver the fetus. It is common during the last three months of pregnancy.

The cervix not only becomes soft during the later stage of pregnancy, but the walls of cervix even become thin. This change is called effacement. It is necessary for the cervix to become thin and open during labor for delivering the child.

Once you feel contractions at every 3 to 5 minutes gap, and lasting for 30 to 50 seconds, and this has continued for more than an hour, it is possible that the labor has begun. Softening of cervix thus plays an important role in normal delivery.

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