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Signs of Pregnancy After 1 Month: What Should One Month Pregnant Women Do?

Pregnancy is one of the highlights in a woman’s life, therefore, it is very important to know what are the changes happening in a woman’s body, as well as what to expect as the weeks progress. Changes in hormones are the main culprit of changes happening in a pregnant woman.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy After 1 Month

The first few weeks of pregnancy is the period wherein a woman undergoes abrupt changes in her body. Signs of pregnancy after one month vary from one pregnant woman to another, so here is a list of some symptoms that a pregnant woman may be experiencing during her first few weeks:

  • Frequent urination is common during the first few weeks of pregnancy.
    This result from increased blood volume which adds work to kidney, and as the woman’s uterus start to expand, it adds more pressure to the bladder, making a pregnant woman visit the lavatory more often.
  • Cravings or distaste for certain foods is said to be based on the nutritional needs of both the mother and the baby. Pregnant women usually crave for meat and sour foods and have distaste for rice and fish.
  • Extreme tiredness felt by pregnant during the first few weeks is caused by anxiety of becoming a mother, and changes in the body.
  • Tender, painful to touch and swollen breasts are another sign of pregnancy. These changes in the breasts are caused by increased levels of estrogen and progesterone, and presence of milk ducts which further develops the breast in preparation to nurse a baby.
  • Mood swings can be experienced during the first few weeks and during the last stages of pregnancy. Mood swings, just like fatigue, is caused by emotional stress, changes in metabolism and by changes in hormones which can affect on how a pregnant woman thinks.
  • Morning sickness is the result of sight, taste and smell of meat and other foods with strong taste or smell, alcohol, cigarette smoke, etc.
    These triggers, according to scientific studies, are all associated to either contain bad microbes or chemicals that can affect the mother and the fetus.

One Month Pregnant – What Do I Do?

The most important thing to do when one is pregnant is to see her doctor. She/he can tell what a pregnant woman can expect and what she needs to do. Aside from paying your doctor a visit, there are some things that you have to remember:

  • Avoid taking any drugs or medications, unless the doctor advises you to do so.
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes and taking alcohol.
  • Eat healthy, as much as possible. You can ask for your doctor on what diet is best for you and your baby.
  • Avoid eating anything raw, this can result to toxoplasmosis, which can cause defects on the developing baby.
  • It is still okay to move around and do some physical activities, unless the doctor advised you to have a total bed rest.
  • Keep a happy attitude about pregnancy.

What Does The Baby Look Like In 1 Month Pregnant Women

During the first four weeks of pregnancy, it is still very difficult to picture out on how the baby looks like. But here are a few things that can give a pregnant woman a picture of what is happening to her child during the first month:

  • On the first month, the baby will grow from 0.05 inch to 0.8 inch.
  • The baby’s heart, brain, spinal cord, muscle and bones are beginning to develop.
  • The baby will start to look like a tadpole.
  • On the 6th week, a heartbeat can be heard through an ultrasound.
  • Eyes, and limb buds also start to develop.

Before she enters her second month of pregnancy, the baby will develop eyelids, ears and nose.

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  1. GMB says:

    I just don’t know what to do now and I am scared that the test will come again as before but the symptoms are growing. I am so tired right now that I wish that I can go home and sleep. I crave too much and my abdomen is giving pains that comes and goes.
    My moods are swinging and I feel thirsty most of the time and have to use bathroom frequently. The worse part of it is that this month there are no periods. Please help me and advice if I should take the test again.


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