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Natural Pregnancy With PCOS And How To Increase Chances Of Pregnancy

Patients who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome have fluid-like sacs in their ovaries that prevent it from functioning normally. This affects reproductive performance as well as fertility. However, there are some natural ways that can help patients with the syndrome become pregnant.

  • It is still very possible for patients to get pregnant naturally if they have the PCO syndrome but they often have higher risks in having miscarriages.
  • Most of the fertility problems that are experienced are related to elevated insulin, hormone, and glucose levels. So managing these levels can help patients become pregnant.
  • Patients with the PCO syndrome often find it easy to get pregnant the second time around. It has also been proven that normal menstrual cycles will be experienced after becoming pregnant for the first time.
  • Patients should take note that there are some medications that are used for PCOS sufferers that are harmful to babies when patients do get pregnant.

How To Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant With PCOS?

  • First step is to get an experienced and qualified doctor to work with.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. This will involve eating foods that are fresh, organic and whole. It is good to avoid or minimize intake of processed and refined foods and those that have higher glycemic index. Good examples of foods that should be included in the diet include vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, and animal proteins like poultry and fish.
  • Exercise regularly and be physically active. This will help patients lose weight and maintain good levels of insulin and testosterone in the body which helps in ovulation.
  • Cleansing detox diet. Patients should try this method with the help of a doctor.
  • Clean surroundings. Make sure that work and personal environment is clean to prevent harmful chemicals to enter into the body.
  • Deal with stress. Stress induces the production of high levels of cortisol that brings about increased abdominal fat and insulin resistance. Relaxation methods can be done like meditation, tai chi, or joining a support group.
  • Acupuncture. The technique has been studied to be an effective alternative to fertility drugs in improving ovulation.
  • Take nutritional supplements. These can help balance the hormones and improve overall health.
  • Use herbal remedies. Chasteberry has been widely known to improve chances of fertility and normalize monthly cycles.
  • Know when to have the perfect time to ensure conception. This can be done by charting basal body temperature and explaining to the partner the right time to have intercourse. Generally, the best time is during the first four days before ovulation and after it.  A digital basal thermometer can be used.

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