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Dry Bloody Nose During Pregnancy and Methods for Its Treatment

It seems that the entire body of the pregnant woman is affected by the changes brought about by the baby growing inside her. This is the reason why a lot of pregnant women are cranky because of the many discomforts that they experience.

As if the whole body conspires to give her discomfort, she will experience pain from her head down to her back, breasts, abdomen, hips, legs, and up to her feet. It is, of course, possible to ease the comfort in a variety of ways although pregnant women should always be careful when taking medications.

Never take unnecessary medications – better yet, consult a doctor for any discomfort or ailment so that safe medications can be provided.

Signs of Dry Nose during Pregnancy

  • Having a dry nose is one of the possible problems that a woman can encounter during pregnancy.
  • This condition can be very irritating, not just uncomfortable. The nose and nasal passage are naturally moist so that being dry is really an issue.
  • The problem with having dry nose is that it could not be easily moisturized as one would do dry skin. Never attempt to inhale or place lotions and moisturizers inside the nasal passage, pregnant or not.
  • Sometimes, the outside portions of the nose will show signs of dryness as well, not just the inner parts. When this happens, the tip of the nose may have cracked or peeling skin.

Nasal Bleeding with Dry Nose during Pregnancy

  • When the nose is dry, there is a high likelihood that the patient will experience nasal bleeding.
  • Nose bleeds may not be painful but they can be very uncomfortable.
  • Also, pregnant women are actually prone to having nose bleeds because of the increased blood flow in her body as well as hormonal changes that affect the balance of chemicals in the body.

How to Treat Dry Nose during Pregnancy at Home

  • When dealing with dry nose, the best remedy that one can do is to allow steam to enter the nose. This will soften the area and provide moisture. However, care must be taken so that the temperature will not be too high that the woman will experience more problems like broken capillaries.
  • Another way to provide relief to dry nose is to apply warm or hot compress on top of the nose.
  • When having nose bleeds, pinch the nostrils and lean forward. Do not lean back as the blood can cause vomiting. Sit on a comfortable chair.

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