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What Causes The Increase In Breast Size During Pregnancy

For many women, breast size increase during pregnancy marks the beginning of the various physical changes that go along with bearing a child. Increase in breast size and tenderness are considered presumptive signs of pregnancy. Causes of increase in breast size during pregnancy are as follows:

  • Growth of alveolar tissue.
  • Deposition of fat in the breast.
  • Enlargement of the milk glands.
  • Increased vascularity.

Breast Size Increase During Pregnancy

Breasts may continue to enlarge, increasing in mass and weight during the first trimester. The breast can increase to about a cup size or more during the first six weeks.

Changes that may occur with breast enlargement include:

  • Tenderness.
  • Tingling. Increasing hormones present during pregnancy. Can also be brought about by changes in the temperature.
  • Swelling.
  • Increased sensitivity.
  • Larger breast veins.
  • Appearance of bluish veins.
  • Appearance of stretch marks around the breast area.
  • Itchiness. Caused by the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Areolas and nipples become much darker in color.
  • Nipples become larger and stand out.
  • Areolas increase in size.
  • The areolas surface becomes more prominent due to its small glands which become raised and uneven. These glands supply oil that prevents the nipple from becoming dry and chapped.
  • Colustrum leaking.

How To Minimize Discomfort Caused By Breast Enlargement?

There are no ways to prevent the soreness and hypersensitivity that follows the rapid growth of a breast. However, there are simple remedies that would allow the pregnant mother to continue with her daily activities unhindered by the discomfort. There remedies include the following:

  • Practice proper hygiene. Breast care is important during pregnancy. Further irritation will only worsen the discomfort. Nipples and areolas should not be washed with soap as this leads to dryness. It would ultimately be best to switch to a milder soap during pregnancy. Warm water should be used for washing the breasts.
  • Maternity bra. Find a suitable support bra that would accommodate the increased size of your breast perfectly.
    A maternity bra with rows of adjustment hook allows proper accommodation even if the breast becomes bigger. Adequate size and shape will prevent the irritation of nipples and provide support for the back muscles. Cotton is usually the preferred material for maternal bras because of their softness and ventilation.
  • Pregnancy sleep bra. This type of maternal bra gives additional non-restrictive support during the night. It provides comfort even during constant movement during sleep.
  • Use of Breast Pads. Leaking can be controlled by wearing best pads. It is best to use disposable breast pads to prevent infection. Washable breast pads should be changed regularly and cleaned thoroughly. Air dry breasts regularly after cleaning.

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