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Gray Hair During Pregnancy: Its Causes And How To Reverse It?

Your hair turns gray as you grow older, everyone is aware of this fact and people accept it. However, no one would like to be a silver fox when they are young, especially in the hay days of twenties and thirties. But nowadays having salt and pepper hair is common among younger generation and in pregnant woman, doctors call it premature graying.

There are lots of changes in the body with the obvious belly bulge, not to forget those streaks of grey on the head. The most probable cause noted for premature gray hairs during pregnancy is faulty diet, influx of hormones and associated stress.

Having said this some woman may not mind to have gray hairs on their head, while if you are the one who find gray hairs affecting your personality, then you should know why gray hairs develop and how to restore gray hairs in a natural way.

What Causes Gray Hair During Pregnancy?

Hair gets its color due to pigment called melanin. It is the same pigment which gives color to our skin and eyes. Melanin is produced by the cells melanocytes which are present in hair follicles. When melanin pigment is in abundant, the hairs are darker. Due to some reason when melanocytes stop or reduce production of melanin, the hair becomes transparent.

  • Transparent hair appears gray when they are together with dark hairs. Increasing production of melanin pigment is the key to restore gray hair. In normal circumstances as you grow older, the melanocytes cells produce less melanin and obviously the hair will appear gray.
  • Heredity is also one of the reasons for gray hair. If your father or mother or anyone in your family has early graying of hairs, you may be at a risk of turning grey early in life.
    In the same way you may have few or no gray hairs even after 50 if you family history has no graying of hair in early life.
  • Gray hair during pregnancy is not uncommon. While pregnancy in itself is not the true cause of gray hair, there are certain reasons which may cause gray hair during this period. Hormonal changes, stress associated with pregnancy is suspected to be the cause for gray hair. Prolonged stress can lead to early graying. Person who is under constant stress may not eat properly and this may lead to deficiency of vitamin and minerals.
  • Gray hair can also develop due to some medical conditions and nutritional deficiency. Deficiency of vitamin B12 is known to trigger early graying of hairs. If the pregnant woman is deficient in this vitamin the risk of gray hair compounds many fold.
  • Also if you are suffering from thyroid disease during pregnancy you may have early gray hairs in your life. Especially hypothyroidism during pregnancy may precipitate gray hair.
  • Smokers are at a greater risk of developing gray hairs than people who do not smoke. Woman who smokes before and during pregnancy may have gray hair earlier.

Natural Remedies To Reverse Gray Hair In Pregnancy

Whatever may be the reason, if you want to restore gray hairs you have to increase the production of melanin pigments and this can be achieved in a natural way. In some woman the hair turns to its original color after the birth of child.

  • Eat more protein containing food. Eat fish, eggs, meat, grams and lentils, pulses, whole grains and cereals during pregnancy. It will not only help prevent the hair from turning gray but also provide necessary nutrients for the fetal development.
  • Iodine is necessary for production of melanin. Eat foods that contain iodine in it. Iodine fortified salt, carrots, fish, sea products, bananas etc have sufficient amount of iodine required for our daily need. Especially in case of thyroid related diseases during pregnancy, intake of such food will be beneficial for the hair.
  • Eat green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, eggs, flax seeds, almonds, pistachios, apricots, yogurt, oysters etc. They all contain enough amounts of vitamin and other nutrient required by the body.
  • Since mental stress during pregnancy is a reason for development of early gray hairs, reduce you stress by exercising, yoga, meditation. There are several postures in yoga that can be performed even by pregnant woman.
  • You can also apply clarified butter on your scalp and hair roots to prevent and treat gray hair associated with pregnancy.
  • Indian gooseberry is another natural remedy for restoring the gray hair to darker shade. Indian gooseberry is of ping pong ball size mild green fruit. Cut few fruits in slices and dry it for few days. Now take the dried slices and put it in coconut oil. Boil the content in a vessel until the oil turns dark. After the oil cools, collect the prepared oil in a bottle. Apply the oil daily at night on the scalp, hair and hair roots. After applying massage your head gently.
  • Curry leaf is also beneficial to keep the hairs dark and smooth. Add curry leaf in your food. You can also add curry leaf in coconut oil which you apply on your hairs.
  • Mix a teaspoon of iodized salt in a cup of black tea. Massage the liquid on the scalp and hairs. Let it remain for 1 hour after that rinse it with water.

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