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What to Expect At 22 Weeks of Pregnancy: What Would Be Fetal Movement?

Pregnancy brings about numerous changes not only in your life, but also in your body. You may observe noticeable differences every week. But did you know that with each week of your pregnancy, there are several changes that take place in your baby too?

What Can You Expect At 22 Weeks Of Pregnancy?

For a mom-to-be, the 22nd week is pregnancy is probably one of the most enjoyable times, as the aches, pains and nausea have the tendency to fade or at least reduce considerably. Moreover, the amount of weight you’ve gained by this time should not cause you to feel uncomfortable.

You may also notice that your uterus is above your bellybutton, though every woman’s pregnancy bump may vary in size at any time. Stretch marks may appear on your tummy, as the abdominal region expands to accommodate your baby’s growth and development. Some of the other common 22nd week pregnancy changes that you can “look forward to” include –

  • Thicker and more lustrous hair, as hair loss decreases
  • Increase in body hair, because of hormonal changes
  • Fingernails that grow faster and are harder or softer than before
  • The “mother’s glow” or other skin changes like acne, or discoloration
  • Darkening of the nipples and areolas
  • Swelling in the feet and in some cases, the fingers
  • Forgetfulness and frequently losing train of thought

There are several factors that could also cause you to experience vaginal bleeding or discharge. In case this happens, it is best to visit your doctor immediately, just to be on the safe side.

This is also the time when your baby, at 11 inches and weighing about one pound, starts resembling a little newborn. His features, like the eyelids, eyebrow and lips will be more distinct. If you could see your baby in the 22nd week of pregnancy, you notice a layer of fine hair (called the lanugo) covering his entire body. His skin will appear wrinkled, as he will only gain some fat later on.

Fetal Movement at 22 Weeks

The fetal movement in this week should increase as compared to before, though it varies from one woman to the other. Some babies are more active than others and may tend to kick or move about more often. At times, an active baby too may decide to take a break for a while. Therefore, you may feel your baby kick and move about regularly for a few days and on others days, you may barely notice any movement. While this is not really a cause for concern, do keep your doctor informed about it. You may also want to take a break and lie down (on your left side) for a while, as that is when women feel their fetal movement the most.

There are several books and online resources that will let you know what to expect during the different stages of pregnancy. However, do bear in mind that most of the information is generic and every pregnancy is different. Therefore, it is best for you to speak to your gynecologist in case you have any concerns about your baby or pregnancy.

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