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Does High Doses Of Vitamin C Terminate Or Prevent Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the time when the body would need more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals than it had ever needed before. This is the reason why the woman’s doctor, often an OB-GYNE, will prescribe various forms of vitamins as he or she deems necessary for the woman and her unborn child.

Often, the vitamins and supplements will include folic acid, iron, and vitamin C. The body needs these not only to replenish what the baby took from the woman’s internal supplies but also in keeping the body healthy as well as the baby well provided for.

So, is there a possibility that vitamin C can terminate a pregnancy?

Vitamin C For Termination And Prevention Of Pregnancy

  • Although vitamin C is essential in proper nutrition in pregnancy, it is really possible that it can also terminate the pregnancy. Still, the amount of vitamin taken needs to several hundred times more than the daily limit before there is even any possibility that it can induce abortion or miscarriage.
  • The daily requirement of vitamin C in an adult female is 75 mg per day. This could reach up to 100 mg if she is pregnant. It is not true that a person can never get an overdose of vitamin C. In fact, the tolerable uptake level for both male and female (pregnant or not) is 2,000 mg per day.
  • Now, drinking as much as 2,000 mg per day is already called a mega dose but this will probably not have any detrimental effect on the pregnancy. However, drinking more than this amount can have serious effects on the pregnancy.
  • It is suggested that as much as 10,000 mg is taken in a day to cause the abortion.
  • No one knows for sure the exact reasons why this happens but the more probable reason is that the uterus becomes rich in vitamin C, making it an acidic environment for the unborn child.
  • There are no scientific studies to prove if vitamin C does induce pregnancy termination. However, if the woman does drink these mega doses of the vitamin but does not have a miscarriage, then there is a high likelihood of birth defects.

Vitamin C For Pregnancy Prevention

  • Just as vitamin C can possibly terminate a pregnancy, it may also be used to prevent pregnancy from occurring in the first place.
  • The most probable reason for this is that the womb becomes a hostile environment that will possibly prevent implantation of the fertilized egg.
  • Again, it would need several mega doses of vitamin C before this can probably occur.

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