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Smelly Urine During Pregnancy: Foul Urine Smell In Pregnant Women

Every pregnancy is different, the symptoms it shows and the things that the woman will experience. Still, there are those who are so afraid that the pregnancy will be terminated or that something is wrong with the baby that they panic at the slight sign that something is wrong. So, is having smelly urine something to really panic about?

  • It really is an embarrassing question to ask the OB/GYNE so that most patients resort to scouring the internet for information. Thankfully, smelly urine is not always bad when it comes to pregnancy.
  • The woman’s body is undergoing a lot of changes in preparation for the baby.
  • There is an increase in kidney function in women who are pregnant. This can cause changes in the way that urine will smell.
  • If the strong smell of ammonia is overpowering, especially in late pregnancy, then dehydration could be a cause.
  • Also, pregnant women at all stages are more prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs). Thus, smelly urine should smelly urine should not always be disregarded.

Smelly Urine During Early Pregnancy

  • It is in early pregnancy that the body really kicks into hyperdrive, producing lots of hormones and compounds, including the Human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG that find their way to the urine. These compounds could have a distinct smell.
  • In fact, smelly urine is sometimes considered to be a sign of pregnancy. However, this is not a very reliable parameter as there are truly differences in the urine smell even among pregnant women who are in the same week of pregnancy.
  • Increase in metabolism also affects what chemicals reach the urine.

Sweet Smelling Urine In Pregnant Women

  • Sometimes, urine can have a rather sweet smell during any week of pregnancy.
  • The main reason for this is gestational diabetes. This happens in pregnancy when the body suddenly experiences surges in glucose levels.
    This extra sugar in the blood will eventually find its way to the urine, making it smell sweet.
  • Gestational diabetes often goes away after child birth.

Foul Smelling Urine During Pregnancy

  • There is big difference with having smelly urine and foul urine. The latter signifies a problem, often UTIs or even STDs which is quite dangerous in any pregnancy.
  • If the foul smelling urine is also accompanied by cramping and burning sensation while urinating, then it is a good idea to consult a physician as soon as possible for proper treatment to be administered.

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