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How To Treat And Prevent Staph Infection While Pregnant

Staph Infection During Pregnancy

Women during pregnancy have a higher chance of easily acquiring infections, in general, since they go through bodily changes and these include a change in the way their immune system reacts to certain conditions. Staph infection among pregnant women is caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus which dwells in common surfaces as well as in human skin. When a pregnant woman gets cut and she is not able to immediately clean and treat the cut, there is a possibility of acquiring a staph infection.

How to Prevent Staph Infection In Pregnant Women

  • Since staph infection is commonly acquired through infected open wounds, it is important that a pregnant woman having a cut should immediately wash her cut with clean water and soap.
  • The cut should not be left open, and should be properly covered with bandages. It is also important that people with staph infection should not allow any other person to come in contact with the infected wound as this would only spread the bacteria.
  • Hand washing with clean water and soap should be done frequently especially after coming in contact with money or after using restrooms.
  • If a person in a household has staph infection, in order to quarantine the infection from spreading to other members of the household, his or her wound should be covered properly and it should not openly come in contact with surfaces in the house such as bed sheets. The clothes of the person having staph infection should be washed using hand gloves.

How to Treat Pregnant Women With Infected Staph

  • Antibiotics can cause problems for the developing baby inside the womb of a pregnant woman. That is why it is important to check with the physician which antibiotics to use in treating a staph infection.
  • A common penicillin called Methicillin is one of the common treatment for staph infection. This antibacterial drug is usually safe to be used by pregnant woman.
  • For methicillin-resistant staph infections or MRSA, it is always advised to consult a physician to know the best medicine to use to treat the infection.
  • It is important to indicate that there are common antibiotic drugs, such as tetracycline which can cause hearing damage for the child, that are known to be harmful to developing babies in the womb.

Staph infections for pregnant woman do not immediately pose harm on the developing child, nor do they add to causing miscarriages. It must be put in consideration however, that having an open wound infection can also make the pregnant woman more susceptible to contracting other infections, not only staph infection.

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