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Side Effects Of Smoking Weed While Pregnant On Baby

Is Smoking Weed While Pregnant Safe For Baby?

While pregnant, women should avoid taking in certain drugs, harmful chemicals, and even certain foods. These should be avoided because they can have negative side effects on the developing fetus. Just like smoking cigarettes, the unborn child is exposed to harmful chemicals found in weed that can affect its development. Weed or marijuana contains over 300 chemicals that can cause negative effects not only to the mother but to the unborn child as well. These harmful chemicals can pass through the child’s placenta. Also, when the mother breathes in the marijuana, she cuts off the oxygen supply of her child.

Side Effects of Smoking Weed During Pregnancy

Smoking weed during pregnancy increases the risk of the baby to have several complications and problems.

  • Low birth weight: Low birth weight results from the lack of oxygen supply of the baby while in the womb because the mother inhales in marijuana. Because of lack of oxygen in the fetus’ blood stream, physical growth and development are affected. There is also a chance that a child may not have fully-developed organs.
  • High risk for death: A baby born lighter than the normal birth weight is more prone to have other infections, complications, and could even die. Babies born to mothers who smoke weed are under strict neonatal care.
  • Premature birth: Pregnant women who smoke weed have a higher chance of giving birth earlier than scheduled. When this happens, it again increases the child to have other complications and problems.
  • Mental problems: Children born to mothers who smoke weed may look normal at first but as soon as they start learning, these kids may have problems in learning. Short attention span, memory problems, and hyperactivity can also be observed on kids who were exposed to chemicals in weed.
  • Impaired motor skills: Because chemicals in weed, such as tetrahdyrocannabinol, affect the development of brain cells, then weed can also affect not only the learning capacity of the child but also the child’s motor skills.
  • Withdrawal symptoms: If the mother finds weed as addictive, then the child may also find it addictive. Once the child is born, he or she may have withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, excessive crying, and sleeping problems.

Women who are planning to have a child should stop smoking weed. The chemicals found in marijuana can stay longer in the body and may affect the future developing fetus. Also, women who are breastfeeding should also avoid weed because a large percentage of chemicals go directly to the breast milk.

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