Posted by Nicole on 31st July 2011

Pink Discharge During Pregnancy First, Second And Third Trimester

A pregnant woman is going to experience all sorts of changes in her body. One such change has to do with vaginal discharges.

  • Pregnant women experience clear and odorless vaginal discharges, which can have a raw egg white-like appearance.
  • In some instances, the discharge may be discolored and it can appear pink.
  • It can occur in the first trimester, but it can also continue towards the second and the third trimesters.

Light Pink Discharge In Pregnant Women

  • This is common in the first trimester of the pregnancy.
  • It is a consequence of the body getting used to the pregnancy.
  • It may also be remnants of the small amount of bleeding that occurs following implantation.
  • Bleeding at this point can range from light pink, bright red spotting, and brownish.
  • As long as there are no worrying symptoms accompanying the spotting, it is most likely benign.
  • If a woman wants to make sure, she can call her doctor.

Pinkish Bleeding During Pregnancy First, Second, and Third Trimester

  • Pregnancy discharge continues throughout the second and third trimester, this includes pink discharge.
  • The same is with the first trimester; this could just be a normal side effect of the pregnancy.
  • It should raise concern when:

o    Accompanied by any pain, contractions or back pain that is different from normal.

o    Fever and other signs of infection – the discharge may not be from the vagina, but from the urethra, an indication of urinary tract infection.

o    Comes in copious amounts, like when is severe enough to need an absorbent pad. It should also be a concern when it comes streaked with blood or blood clots.

  • During the third trimester, a mucus discharge that looks pinkish or brownish could signify the release of the mucus plug.

o    A mucus plug is a pool of mucus found at the cervix.

o    Its release usually signifies the onset of labor.

o    However, there are some women who lose their mucus plugs for up to several weeks before labor.

  • Pinkish discharge, with the occasional bright red streak that occurs for the first time in the second or third trimester should be checked out by a doctor.

Causes And Treatment For Pink Discharge In Pregnant Women

  • The cause of pink discharge throughout the pregnancy can range from the benign to the serious.
  • It is important to look at the other signs accompanying this symptom to determine if it requires a visit to the doctor or not.
  • To be on the safe side, women may want to consult their healthcare providers when they feel that something is wrong.
  • Treatment is going to be largely dependent on whatever it is causing the spotting.

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  1. PRS says:

    I am 6 weeks pregnant, well predicted and I am having a pinkish mucus discharge after wiping from urination. I have not been able to see a doctor and am wondering if it is normal? Please advise.


  2. Tahshea says:

    I am 33 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I wiped my self and saw a pinkish color discharge on the tissue. I also have my cervix stitched up. What does this pinkish discharge mean? This has never happened before. Should I go to the hospital. I am not having any pain and my baby is moving.


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