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Group B Strep During Pregnancy Symptoms, Causes, Natural Remedies

Group B strep infections are among the ones that could occur without warning, at any given time. It could affect seemingly healthy individuals or those who have a weak immune system. Still, it also affects women who are pregnant.

  • Pregnancy attracts a host of problems that a woman could undergo as she carries the baby with her.
  • One of these problems is becoming more prone yet more vulnerable to various infections, including Group B strep.
  • In adults and even in pregnant women, Group B strep could be harmless. However, it is very dangerous to newborns.
    Thus, pregnant women should still be careful not to contract this ailment as it can be easily passed on to the child at birth.

What Causes Group B Strep Infection In Pregnancy

  • There are a number of different reasons why Group B strep occurs, with pregnancy or in normal cases. Still, it is important to remember that it is not a very highly contagious disease.
  • In fact, it does not transfer via food, water, and sexual contact.
  • It can be passed as the child swallows fluids with Group B strep during vaginal birth.
  • Still, the exact causes why this infection occurs are not entirely known, only that it does occur in pregnant women and could be passed on to the child.

Symptoms Of Group B Strep In Pregnant Women

The following are some of the known signs that patients with Group B strep could exhibit:

  • Early onset
    • Difficulty in feeding or loss of appetite
    • Lethargy
    • Fever
    • Late onset
      • Seizures
      • Lethargy
      • Fever
      • Coughing accompanied by congestion.
      • Difficulty in feeding or loss of appetite.

It is very important that the parents should watch out for these symptoms in their newborn children so that immediate medical attention can be provided.

Natural Remedies For Group B Strep During Pregnancy

  • Finding the right remedies to address Group B strep problems may be a little difficult, considering that there are a lot of medications that pregnant women are not allowed to take.
  • Still, there are a number of options that pregnant women can try to use. However, this should be done with a lot of considerations, including its possible side effects and long term effects on the unborn child.
  • Natural remedies provide a safer option for pregnant women to use, compared with synthetic drugs.
  • Still, it is always best to consult a physician before drinking or eating anything.

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    The only way to rule it out is a test from the doctor. But if your girlfriend has been to the doctor and she doesn’t have it, then you shouldn’t have it either, especially if neither of you have been with anyone else.


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