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Severe Back Pain During Pregnancy Causes And Treatment

Severe back pain during the early stages of pregnancy sometimes signals impending problems. Most common problem that has severe back pain as a symptom includes miscarriages.

Extreme Back Pain In Third Trimester

  • The severe back pain during the third trimester is usually experienced a month to three weeks before delivery.
  • Majority of the pain can be experienced in the pubic symphysis anteriorly or the joint that is located at the center of the pubic bones in the midline of the body.
  • Pain can also concentrate in the groin area, coccyx or tailbone, sacroiliac joints, and other areas of the pelvic and the upper legs.
  • The severe pain can be influenced by posture and connected with a waddling gait.
  • The pain is usually short-lived but can occur several times.
  • The pain is greater for those pregnant women who have a higher body mass.
  • Pregnant patients who have suffered severe pain during the third trimester have greater risks in experiencing it again when pregnant.
  • The pain is often more severe in young pregnant patients than in older patients.
  • Pain can disable and restrict movement.

Severe Backache During Pregnancy First Trimester

  • One common cause of pain in the first trimester is the change in hormonal levels.
  • Hormones during the onset of pregnancy cause certain changes in the ligaments’ insertion points to the bones. This can cause an accumulation of ligaments in the lower spine which lead to severe back pain.
  • There are certain hormones in the body that are produced during the first months of pregnancy that can cause sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Severe low back pain is among the major symptom of this condition.

Causes Of Severe Back Pain In Pregnant Women

  • Hormonal changes can cause pain during the early stages of pregnancy along with implantation cramping, stretching of the uterus, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages, constipation, and gas pains.
  • Factors that can cause severe pain during the third trimester of pregnancy include round ligament pain, Braxton Hick contractions, preterm labor, and actual labor.

Treatment For Extreme Backache In Pregnancy

  • There are self-care tips that can remedy severe back pains during pregnancy. These include practicing good posture, lifting light or small objects properly by bending knees, sleeping on the sides, and wearing appropriate clothing. Wearing appropriate clothing include wearing flat shoes, maternity pants, and a supportive waistband or a maternity support belt.
  • Exercises can also be done to strengthen the back muscles.
  • Medications, specialized massage for pregnant patients, and appropriate rest can also relieve severe back pain during pregnancy. Medications are usually carefully chosen by doctors and given only when necessary.

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