Posted by Nicole on 12th July 2011

Crying During Pregnancy: Does Crying Affect Baby While Pregnant

A woman crying when pregnant is not something new. In fact, it is a behavior that many women expect. A woman going through pregnancy experiences hormonal changes. This means that the woman can be happy one minute and sad at the next moment. A typical scenario during pregnancy is a woman crying yet cannot recall the reason why she cried in the first place. While crying may not be harmful to the baby, studies have shown that it can affect the baby in certain ways.

  • Pregnancy brings with it a host of body changes.
  • Body changes can include changes in image as well as changes in emotions.
  • Mood swings are caused by the surge of hormones during pregnancy.
  • Pregnant women can be easily pleased, angered, and cry.
  • Another reason for pregnant women to cry is stress.
  • Pregnancy is not an easy stage to go through.
  • A woman who is under lot of pressure from family, friends, and work and is without the support needed can suffer from stress and crying.
  • Unplanned and unexpected pregnancy as well as the situations that surround it can be a reason for a woman to cry during pregnancy.
  • Lastly, crying is one symptom of depression during pregnancy.
  • While post-partum blues or depression is common in some women, it has been studied that post-partum depression stems from depression before or during pregnancy.

Crying During Pregnancy Is Bad for Baby

  • A little crying when a woman is pregnant is not harmful for the baby.
  • Crying caused because of extreme stress has been shown to affect babies and their growth and development in utero.
  • Crying because of depression is equally harmful to the baby for many reasons.
  • A depressed woman takes poor care of herself which may lead to an unhealthy baby.
  • A woman under stress can trigger defense mechanisms in the body which can affect the baby’s health and development in utero.

Does Crying In Pregnant Women Affect Baby?

The answer depends on the reasons why a woman cries during pregnancy.

  • Hormonal changes can make a woman cry easily but this is highly unlikely to cause harm to the baby.
  • A pregnant woman crying because of stress and extreme anxiety can make the pregnancy risky.
  • A pregnant woman who is depressed can harm to the baby.
  • Following are the side effects of stress and depression on the unborn child:
    • Increased risk for miscarriage.
    • Birth defects.
    • Premature birth.
    • Small-for-date deliveries.
    • Poor birth weight.
    • Weak babies prone to many complications.

    8 Responses

  1. K T says:

    I am 31 weeks pregnant and I have been experiencing family problems and that lead to me crying nonstop, can this be really harmful for the baby.


    CS Reply:

    Hi KT,
    As far as I know, I don’t think crying will actually harm your baby. I hope you are well and just try to be happy. Stress is anyways not good for your own health.

    You can also try talking to your friends or anyone who can help you with whatever is upsetting you.


  2. Sasi says:

    I am five months pregnant now and I have lot of family problems which makes me depressed and leads me to cry. I want to know if it will affect my baby. I want to have a healthy baby. Please advise me what should I do?


  3. Ann says:

    I am 24 weeks pregnant and due to family issues, I have been very sad for last two weeks and cried a lot during that time. I have also had stress headaches, pain in my back, belly and abdomen throughout that period. What particular side effect does this emotional stress, I have been through, will have on my unborn baby? Please suggest me some remedies.


  4. ST says:

    I have been crying since I was 12 weeks pregnant and now I am 31 weeks pregnant. I am stressed and not happy with my life as my partner is not supportive at all which leads me cry whole day. I am also working with lots of stress. Will it affect my baby? Please suggest me what should I do?


  5. Bria says:

    I am 7 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with depression about three months prior to the pregnancy. I was on medication but my insurance dropped me so I am unable now to get my medication. I find myself sad again all the time, problems with my father are really affecting me and I find myself yelling at family members.
    I get to the point to where I scream so loudly that I shake and get so angry. I cry a lot also when I feel like no one understands me. I am afraid I am harming my unborn child and especially since I am in my first trimester.
    Am I harming the baby and is there any way to become more positive and healthy for myself and my baby? I don’t want to have a miscarriage. Please help with your advice.


  6. LA says:

    I am eight weeks pregnant and I am not happy. I am crying everyday due to one or other problem with my husband. I am very worried about my baby. Will it be bad for my baby’s growth? Please help me.


  7. Onella says:

    I am 30 weeks pregnant and always stressed. I feel like I am forcing my self to my boyfriend who hasn’t been supportive from day one. He is hurting me by saying the baby is not his and always distancing himself from me. This is really affecting me from inside and we not talking to each other. I am always angry. How can this affect my baby?


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