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Feeling Cold During Pregnancy: What Causes Pregnant Women To Feel Cold

Pregnant Women Feels Cold

During pregnancy, a lot of changes are experienced by the expectant mother. Reproductive system changes are apparent and are expected; however, it is not limited to that. All of the body systems are affected, and it is quite overwhelming for the mother to experience all of these for nine months—or may be more, as the patient’s body recuperates from the time of conception until the birth of her child.

Is Cold Feeling In Pregnant Women Normal?

Women who are in their early stage of pregnancy experience a change in their body temperature.

The body temperature usually increases slightly early in pregnancy. The woman feels hot because of the secretion of progesterone from the corpus luteum. During ovulation, a woman has a slight increase in her temperature—the temperature remains elevated until the 16th week of pregnancy. The temperature eventually becomes normal. However, some pregnant women experience feeling cold during pregnancy.  This may simply be a response to the growing fetus inside of the womb, or may indicate a serious problem and should be reported to the physician right away.

Causes Of Feeling Cold During Pregnancy

  • Pregnant women may feel cold due to an unhealthy diet. Morning sickness may affect the appetite of the patient, eventually affecting her nutritional intake. A weight gain of 11.2 to 15.9 kg or 25 to 35 lb is recommended during pregnancy.
  • During the first trimester, morning sickness may be experienced by the pregnant woman. Weight loss may also be possible. Since fats provide the body’s natural insulation, weight loss with an associated decrease in fat intake will result to a decreased tolerance for cold temperature.
  • Poor intake of iron supplements may also potentiate a pregnant woman to always feel cold. It is because iron takes part in the regulation of temperature in the body.
  • Hypothyroidism, or hypoactive thyroid gland, may also cause the mother to feel cold almost all the time. The thyroid gland is an endocrine gland that secretes hormones (T3 and T4) that help regulate the blood pressure, heart rate, and the body temperature.

What to Do:

  • Having a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, and proteins is recommended for pregnant women.
  • It is also suggested that pregnant women take more foods rich in folic acid, iron, and calcium as these are essential for the growing fetus.
  • Pregnant women should be further if evaluated they are suspected to have hypothyroidism.

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