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Back Spasms During Pregnancy: Lower & Upper Back Spasms in Pregnant Women

Like with many of the symptoms experienced by pregnant women, back spasms are a result of the different changes occurring in the body.

  • Pregnancy back spasms can occur as early as the first trimester
  • They can last throughout the entirety of the pregnancy
  • Some women are going to observe them only towards the later part of their pregnancy
  • Relief treatment depends on number of factors including causes of the cramping

Causes, Symptoms of Back Spasms in Pregnant Women

There are a number of causes for back spasms pain in pregnancy, this includes:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Weakened muscles and muscle strain
  • Stress from the growing fetus which can compress the sciatic nerve causing a condition called sciatica.
  • Changes in the center of gravity – As the fetus grows, a woman’s center of gravity becomes much lower. This change can affect the way a woman balances and causing problems like spasms.

Symptoms can last for few minutes. Some women experience them for hours without relief. When they occur in the third trimester, it is important to look for other signs of labor; as the spasms may be a sign of an impending delivery. Spasms can occur in the lower and upper back.

Symptoms of Upper Back Spasms During Pregnancy

  • Shoulder blade pain
  • The pain can affect both sides or it can be localized to just one
  • The cramping may be relieved by lying down or by sitting or standing in a certain position
  • They can also occur with exertion of the muscle groups in the area (e.g. reaching, lifting, stretching)

Lower Back Spasms Signs in Pregnant Women

  • Pain near the waist and in the pelvic area – around the buttocks
  • The cramping can come and go and like upper back pain, it can be relieved by lying down or choosing some comfortable position
  • This type of pain is common in later part of pregnancy as it is often a result of the pressure from the growing fetus.

Dealing With Back Spasms:

  • Regular Exercise:

o    This is considered to be a good way to deal with back spasms and other muscle aches and pains in pregnancy

o    It can help in strengthening the muscles and make them better equipped to deal with the additional stress

o    Mild exercises like walking is an ideal choice

  • Compresses:

o    Both warm and cold compresses can be experimented on to see what works best

  • Support:

o    Pregnancy gait belts can be used to help promote good posture and add support to the back; preventing spasms and pains

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    I am 27 years old female and for some time now I am getting painful spasms in my back that come and go. Please help me with some suggestions on how to relieve them?


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