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Arm Numbness During Pregnancy: Numb Right & Left Arm in Pregnant Women

Arm numbness in pregnancy is a common occurrence which is caused by several factors.

Causes of Numb Arm in Pregnant Woman

These factors include:

  • Pressure exerted in the median nerve. This nerve passes through a narrow channel that is formed by carpal bones. This narrow channel is also made as a passageway for many tendons and ligaments that connect the wrist to the hand.
  • The pressure that causes the arm numbing leads to the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome. That is why this condition is closely associated with arm numbness in pregnant women.
  • For pregnant patients, the thing that causes the pressure in the median nerve is the swelling and retention of fluid in all parts of the body.

Symptoms of Right and Left Arm Numbness During Pregnancy

Right and left arm numbing is a common symptom experienced by pregnant women. Besides the numbness in both the arms, the condition, which is often closely associated is carpal tunnel syndrome and has several accompanying symptoms. These signs are:

  • Since the median nerve, which causes the numbing of the arms, is responsible for the sensations in the fingers; right and left arm numbness in pregnancy is accompanied by tingling or burning in the fingers and the wrists area.
  • Most often, the numbness and the tingling feeling experienced in both arms, wrists and in the fingers can reach the shoulder area.
  • A dull aching feeling can also be experienced by pregnant women in the arms, the wrists, and the fingers.
  • Severe weakness in both the arms is also seen but not often. This will create difficulty for a pregnant women in using hands and arms.
  • These symptoms can greatly occur during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Treatment for Numbing Arm in Pregnancy

Numb arm in pregnant women usually does not need any form of treatment and will usually go away after childbirth. But when it is accompanied by other symptoms associated with the carpal tunnel syndrome, then there are ways that can remedy the symptoms including the pain that is felt.

  • For women, who opt to work during their pregnancy period and requires the use of both hands repeatedly, then she should try to elevate both hands while working.
  • For those pregnant patients who do typing jobs; using an ergonomic keyboard can help control the numbing of the arms and other associated symptoms.
  • Flexing and wriggling the fingers several times in a day can help loosen the pressure in the median nerve which can remedy arm numbness.
  • Expecting mothers can also move shoulders in a circular motion many times throughout the day.
  • Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving drugs are usually prescribed by a doctor when the numbness persists for a long time even after childbirth.
  • Cortisol injections are also administered for severe cases of arm numbness.
  • Surgery is rarely used but recommended when there are no other ways to relieve the pressure from the median nerve.

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