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Green Baby Poop Causes: How To Get Rid Of Green Poop In Infants?

Baby’s stool often changes color, and parents may feel it strange. Especially if you are first time parent, you should be familiar with the characteristic of the normal poop of infants and children. At the same time various types of abnormal stool. Though the information gleaned from color of stool has limitations, it may contribute to a better understanding of a particular disturbance.

The color green may become a cause of concern for many parents, however, a baby passing occasional green stool is normal. It is not unusual in breastfed babies. But if the bowel movement is consistently green than you should look for potential problem.

What Makes Breastfed Baby Poop Green?

In case if the baby is only on breast fed milk: If the baby consistently passes green colored stool, regardless of whether he is gaining weight or not, there is a possibility that your baby is getting more of fore-milk which is watery and rich in lactose. He is not getting enough hind milk which is more fat rich and thick. The hind milk is essential for the baby as it rich in calories. At the same time baby gets satisfied and full with hind milk.

If he gets more of watery milk, he will feel hungry very soon and demand more feeding. Baby’s gut may not be able to digest too much of lactose present in fore-milk and as a result there will be gas and more water in the intestine. This may cause cramping pain and green frothy stools. The problem arises when baby is does not latch properly to the breast.

What Can Cause Green Baby Poop?

There are several other reasons for the baby to pass green or faint pea-green colored stool.

  • Green frothy stool also depends on the diet of mother. If she is ingesting excess of cow’s milk, or if she is eating too much of green leafy vegetables or green colored food products the breast feeding baby may pass green stools.
  • Green colored stool in babies is common when he is suffering from viral disease. Often green diarrhea is a result of viral infection in the gut.
  • During teething there is increase of saliva in mouth. It often changes the color of stool to be green or dark brown.
  • When the baby begins to eat normal food containing vegetables, the color of stool may change to green. It is due to oxidation of bilirubin to biliverdin.
  • If the mother is on some medicines or if the baby is on some medicines, the color of his stool may change to green. This is due to the pigments present in the medicines.

How To Get Rid Of Green Poop In Infants?

The first and foremost thing that you must consider is that the baby latches properly and for a long time. This will provide sufficient amount of hind milk which contains fats which he needs. Ensure that the baby is satisfied and finished feeding from the first breast before you switch over to another. Do not try to set a time for feeding on each breast. Instead let the baby decide if he is finished feeding from one breast. Do not worry if the baby feeds only on one breast. The aim is to ensure providing sufficient amount of hind milk to the baby.

In case if the mother is taking medicines or if the child is on some medicines the color of his stool may change. Consult the pediatrician if you are in doubt.

In case of viral diarrhea your child may need pediatric consultation. Usually, viral diarrhea is self limiting, but dehydration is a concern that needs a medical attention. Continue breast feeding during this period.

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