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Reason for Craving Orange Juice While Pregnant and Is it ok?

Orange Juice Craving during Pregnancy

Some people say that craving orange juice while pregnant is a sign that your baby’s gender is female. While some will swear about the truth in this old wives’ tale, it would ultimately be better to consider the scientific reasons as well. Experts state that orange juice cravings are often a result of decreased supplies of Vitamin C in the body.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and is essential for tissue repair, strengthening the immune system, and is a great antioxidant. Pregnant women aged 19 years old and above are suggested to have an intake of at least 85 milligrams of Vitamin C daily with a maximum dosage of 2000 milligrams.

Vitamin C can be found in vegetables and fruits, especially of the citrus variety.

Naturally prepared orange juice contains flavonoids and Hesperidin, an antioxidant. Flavonoids are said to have antioxidant and anticancer properties. Some commercially prepared orange juices, such as the ones available for public consumption may also include the following:

  • Additional ascorbic acid.
  • Additional citric acid.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium

Is it ok to Drink Orange Juice while Pregnant?

Drinking orange juice during pregnancy is actually regarded as beneficial if no existing medical conditions are affected by ingesting it. Considerations in drinking orange juice during pregnancy:

  • Orange juice can be enjoyed within proper daily dietary allowance.
  • Best time to drink orange juice is after a meal or after lunch.
  • To prevent anemia, orange juice can be taken before eating iron rich food such as dates, liver, shrimp, and oats. Iron can be absorbed at a faster and more effective rate if Vitamin C is taken beforehand. Iron supplements can also be taken it other sources are unavailable.
  • Be sure to drink 14 glasses of water daily. There is no substitute for drinking water.

Drinking orange juice and eating oranges are said to benefit pregnancy by:

  • Alleviating the pain experienced during labor.
  • Helping to prevent postnatal infections in the mother and infant.

Researchers are still studying the effects of increased ingestion of flavonoids found in orange juice and Vitamin C on neonates. Studies have suggested that a diet high in flavonoids and Vitamin C may cause:

  • Increases risk of neonatal acute myeloid leukemia.

There are some women who report having stomach cramps or increased acidity when drinking orange juice during pregnancy. These complaints cannot be generalized and there is no documented evidence that orange juice is harmful to pregnant women as long as they are ingested moderately.

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