Posted by MRK on 22nd October 2011

What Are The Benefits Of Black Grapes During Pregnancy

Grapes have been the fruit of choice among the European elite for ages. These may be consumed as a fresh or dried snack, or converted into precious wine. The fruit, including the seed, leaves, and skin can be used as medicine, especially in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, constipation, diabetic complications, ocular abnormalities, and liver disorders. Even dried grapes can be used to treat simple cough. The leaves of the grape vine have been indicated in the treatment of canker sores, dysmenorrhea, diarrhea, chronic fatigue syndrome, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Moreover, black grapes have the following beneficial substances:

  • Resveratrol. The potent chemical has been shown to effectively inhibit cell growth in prostate cancer.
  • Proanthocyanidins and Anthocyanins. These polyphenolics have detoxifying properties. These can be used to suppress the growth of breast cancer cells.
  • The pigments of black and red grapes help decrease the levels of low density lipoprotein, and improve overall cardiovascular function. Recent studies suggest that the pigments can also improve brain and memory function.

Health Benefits Of Black Grapes For Pregnant Women

Consumption of grapes in certain cultures are said to bring negative effects to the pregnant woman. However, none of these claims have been proven. Black grapes are said to have bad effects, but the specific type of negative effect still remains vague.

  • The skin of the black grape may prove to be indigestible for pregnant women, as they may have altered digestive processes to accommodate the growing fetus. Consumption of which may lead to constipation, but such conditions have been reported only by a few.
  • Fresh fruits should be included in a pregnant woman’s diet, because these contain large amounts of much needed vitamins and minerals.

Apart from the problem of constipation, black grapes may in fact be beneficial for pregnant women.

  • Pregnant women are prone to hemorrhoid formation. The growing uterus displaces the stomach and intestines, and this may lead to straining upon defecation, which can in turn cause hemorrhoids.
  • Some grapes work like laxatives, and are effective remedies for problems of constipation. Grapes also have detoxifying properties.
  • The leaves of grapes may be used to treat uterine bleeding.
  • Grapes have huge amounts of flavanoids, which work as antioxidants. These may decrease the risk for heart and blood vessel problems. The leaves in turn have astringent and anti-inflammatory effects, which could help in the treatment of diarrhea and bleeding problems.

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  1. GP says:

    I am 30 weeks pregnant and I have started eating one full bowl of back grapes everyday. I am worried about how it will effect my baby. Please suggest me if it is harmful for the baby?


  2. Ani says:

    Even I have started eating black grapes, I am 31 weeks pregnant. I am also worried of hearing that black grapes are not good for pregnant women, but I am craving black grapes and started eating.


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