"Tests During Pregnancy"

Posted by MRK on 15th January 2013

Is It Safe To Do A Paternity Test While Pregnant? Its Risk Factors

Women, who need to ascertain the identity of their child’s father, may do so while they are pregnant. Certain risks […]

Posted by Sabrina on 30th May 2012

What Are The Effects Of Ultrasound On Pregnancy And Fetus?

Ultrasound was first discovered in 1955, when a Dr Ian Donald, a Scottish gynecologist/ obstetrician borrowed an industrial ultrasound machine […]

Posted by MRK on 16th April 2012

How Soon Can You Use A Pregnancy Test: Using Home Pregnancy Test

Although pregnancy officially begins when the sperm fertilizes the egg, that does not mean that the woman can immediately use […]

Posted by Alex on 8th November 2011

Signs and Symptoms to Look for Confirmation of Pregnancy

The medical diagnosis of pregnancy also functions to give the date of expected birth and help predict the existence of […]

Posted by Alex on 6th November 2011

Is Chinese Table for Baby Gender or Pregnancy Calendar for Real?

Chinese Table for Pregnancy Legend has it that 700 years ago, a Chinese gender calendar was buried in a tomb, […]

Posted by Nicole on 15th September 2011

Sugar Test During Pregnancy: Sugar Tolerance Testing For Pregnant Women

It is necessary for pregnant women to undergo certain laboratory tests prior to labor and delivery. This is to ensure […]

Posted by Nicole on 6th August 2011

What Causes False Positive Pregnancy Blood Test and Home Test

A lot of women struggling to become pregnant would definitely be very happy seeing two positive lines on a home […]

Posted by Nicole on 3rd August 2011

Negative Pregnancy Test But No Period And Symptoms In Pregnant Women

Missed periods, known as amenorrhea, is one of the main signs of pregnancy. But, it does not always mean that […]

Posted by Nicole on 31st July 2011

Stress Test During Pregnancy: Non-Stress Test For Pregnant Women

When the woman is nearing the end terms of her pregnancy, she might be subjected to certain tests to check […]

Posted by Nicole on 31st July 2011

When to Take Pregnancy Test: Best Time For Pregnancy Testing

Many women would like to know the soonest time possible if they are pregnant or not. That is the reason […]